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PRM Begraj Group is one of the leading Real Estate Groups in North East India. Headquartered in Siliguri - West Bengal, the Group has been redefining city skylines through the development of distinctive real estate properties all over Siliguri and its neighboring sisters with grand success.

The group has a plenitude of prestigious residential projects, commercial complexes, malls, and office buildings to its credit which has earned them several awards and achievements over the past three decades.

PRM Begraj Group takes pride in its ability to realize development opportunities in advance of the marketplace and pursue tangible innovations in design and construction.

PRM Begraj Group identifies up-and-coming neighborhoods and target demographics, and its in depth building programming yields unit mixes, amenities, and finishes that are optimized for each market and site. The organization then collaborates with the best architects and designers to realize superior products. Its intimate approach to project development and delivery yields remarkably refined products, which consistently outperform the competition. With a diverse team of professionals, we work together to provide top of the line knowledge, skilled marketing, and effective communication strategies to ensure that your experience and engagement with real estate is above and beyond your expectations.


Founded in 1990, PRM Begraj Group has a 30+ year track record of developing successful real estate projects with more than 3 million square feet across 35+ properties and is working steadily towards developing a further 4 million square feet in and around Siliguri. Showing that we are a breath of fresh air in the real-estate world. We are ambitious, enthusiastic and adventurous, always on the lookout for innovative, design-driven and sustainable real-estate concepts.


PRM Begraj Group has always been driven by passion - To Deliver on Time! To innovate! To elevate the lifestyle of our customers!

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